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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 11, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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when we come back a final thought from us on this night. a big night. the only vice presidential debate.
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was tween. >> yes. and lots of laughs. that is quite something that. is it from us. for us, from here. in danville, kentucky tune in on tuesday for next debate between president obama and governor romney. in new york. >> more is coming up right here. >> and we're coming to you live from the spin room a special edition of hannity. we're loaded up tonight and have a frank luntz focus group. governor sara palin will be here tonight. a lot of ground to cover. joe biden laughing seemingly uncontrol bli. rude, condescending. how will this play out? we have substance issues a lot of the american people might not ab ware of. he said bengazy that they hadn't requested security? that is inaccurate. first, our good friend frank luntz is standing by in ohio.
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take it away. >> okay. we've got 26 of you. i want to et is the stage. who voted for barack obama in 2008? raise your hand. who voted for john mccain in 2008? okay. so this is a group leaning towards obama. it's important. all of you are undecided. correct? let's do this. i want to do a word to describe paul ryan's performance tonight. >> paul ryan an awesome opponent. >> quickly. >> i thought he did a good job. >> go ahead. >> i thought ryan and martha allowed biden to interrupt too often. >> unfocused. >> i felt like he was confident and respectful. >> and i think he was looking
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scared. >> prepared. >> deb onyair. >> deb onyair. -- so talking about biden interrupting and occasional laughing. did you see that? is that obvious to you? >> i thought it's disrespectful. he had plenty of time to respond. shouldn't have done it. >> i thought huge mistake and very arrogant. i can't forget that. >> did you have an issue with it? >> yes. i thought it was disrespectful. >> so as you watch this, your conclusion are they qualified to be president? yes or no? so i guess my question is... now that you've watched the two of them, your reaction as you compare the two? would be? dan? >> compare the two? biden could be president.
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ryan basically still learning to be president. social certainly he would be capable of it. >> did he exceed your expectations? he exceeded it. he was set. he had a grasp of the facts. when biden interrupted him, ryan gaining jabs at obama. >> i know you felt positive towards biden tell me why. >> correct. i thought biden had a lot of good knowledge. a lot of experience behind him. i thought he spoke eloquently. i felt he could be president of the united states. i liked him. >> do you -- what was it about biden's performance that barack obama didn't do? >> it was, go ahead. >> he was passionate and he didn't sound scripted. >> you felt that obama did? >> yes. >> now... you know he had a command of almost all of the issues and almost all of the -- anything that came up,
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he seemed to have a natural flow to it. >> compare biden's performance with obama's a week ago? >> yes. obama seemed distracted like he didn't want to be there. biden acted like there is no place in the world he'd rather be than right there. >> biden had no passion when explaining everything then obama did last -- . >> he felt comfortable. >> he's a good debateor. excellent. >> he didn't use a teleprompter to get a point across. >> okay. i do the jokes here. >> okay. >> what about ryan? what ryan had to say? how he said it, what was your reaction? >> i felt like ryan studied well over the weekend. prepared for this. i felt like he was prepared. >> so you feel he knows his material? >> yes. i think he does. >> how about the debate overall? the format. compare this with the presidential. which did you prefer? >> who prefered this one? raise your hand. why?
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why this one? anyone? >> seemed more comfortable and talking to each other. at the kitchen table. >> did you feel like you learned more from this debate? tell me why? >> more conversational. >> did you feel it was fair? there are complaints one candidate got more time than other. do you feel it was fair this way? >> no. i don't think she did a good job of controlling biden. i don't think that was fair. >> and what was the issue with her and biden? explain that. >> and just felt biden kept interrupting would cut ryan off. and i think she cut ryan off. i did not see her doing that with biden. >> that is why you debate. >> moderator shouldn't help the debate. >> one person is going to be getting more time than another. >> she seemed to go after
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romney, question him more than she questioned biden. >> what gave you that impression? >> she asked more questions when he would answer she would immediately follow up with a couple other questions. why, how? this? and biden would answer, didn't seem like she did with ryan. >> your reaction? >> my reaction is that a agree both did a good job. more about the information than anything. i didn't care about nit-picking. caring more about the information. >> tell me about that information. who performed to you? who connected to you? >> i was once again, both did a really good job of getting a point across and biden, both guys had great, great points once again there was no nit-picking. one guy made a comment about joe biden i think he was more prepared than yin was. -- ryan was. >> i was, i didn't expect
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biden to do so well. his past experience is so impressive. >> and i think this debate, i enjoyed the policy issues discussed. seemed like the first debate between the president and governor romney was talking points, rehashed over and over again. >> i am going to send it back to sean. now that you've seen the candidates do you think either, no matter who wins this country will be better off do you think there is a clear choice now and you're nervous that the wrong candidate wins? >> i'm on the undecided side. i wasn't wooed over to either side by this debate. >> did anyone decide absolutely definitely who you're voting for without a doubt because of what you saw tonight? none of you? sean, that is important. we did this a week ago in denver.
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we had this huge shift of undecided to mitt romney. these people here took their opinions and they think joe biden did tell not critical of ryan but this biden did well but there is no fundamental shift like you saw a week ago. we're going to have to wait until next week's debate. >> sean: frank, appreciate it. we're going to check in with you throughout the evening. and in a few minutes we'll be joined by governor sara palin. i'm joined in the spin room by one of kentucky favorites, senator mitch mcconnell. did al gore prepare biden for this debate? >> you and i were talking about gore got into bush's face back in 2000. joe obviously was clearly you know interested in firing up debates and being animated and all the rest. >> sean: i think it's deeper than that. almost uncontroblable laughter.
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almost unhinged rude, and condescending. mean at times, interruptive. like he was trying to overcompensate for the horrific debate president obama had. i'm not sure how this play was the american people. to be that rude and to be vice president at times so uncontrolable i was beginning to worry about him. >> we just saw frank luntz's focus group. it didn't move any of them. >> sean: good point. there are other things people didn't pick up on. there are issues in this debate. we know intelligence community in bengazy knew within 24 hours this was a terrorist attack. we know that there were multiple requests for security that wasn't granted. when i look at the vice president tonight he just denied what is now on the record and contradicted our own state department which contradicted itself just two days ago. >> there is no question about facts now. we know it was a terrorist attack and we know they knew
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waits a terrorist attack from the beginning. they were trying to convince us this was motivated by some video. we know why. you know is in the president had been out there claiming the war on terrorism was over. bin laden was dead we're out of iraq getting out of afghanistan everything was fine. and this terrorist attack killed four americans was inconvenient for them. it happened too soon, too close to the election. and they wanted to acts like it didn't happen. >> there are a lot of good, i call it lines by paul ryan. let's talk about his demeanor. seemed calm, smart, measured, intelligent, serious guy what. do you think the american people saw? >> i think they'd like a vice president who is under control. you know? >> sean: is that the joe biden you've known all of these years? >> joe is pretty passionate. sometimes he can harness it in. sometimes, he can't. >> sean: that might be one thing. when paul ryan turns and said
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i know you're under dures but the american people would be better served if you would let them hear us. and then, the vice president continued to smirk, smile, laugh uncontrol bli. i don't know. i thought it was bizarre. what about -- i thought paul ryan at the end in his close laid out two distinct visions. that is what i take away from the debate. >> that is the point. the core issue is here do we want four more years like the last four years? or do we want to go in a different direction? we tried the government, spending borrowing taking over american health care, nationalizing student loan business. and we know that didn't work. we have four years of this european experience. it's time to go in a different direction. the choice is clear. >> sean: it's funny because paw ryan echoing comments governor romney made is that we've got 24 mill yun unand
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under employed americans and one in six he was using 15% of americans in poverty. we've got 17 million more americans on food stamps nearly 49 million on food stanls. -- stamps, then, the deficit problem. we cannot continue to spend money we do not have. >> the points you made sh americans now what have we done to children and grandchildren? that makes us look like greece. not some other day. right now. this administration has done incredable damage to the country. they will not be able to get us out of this. the choice could not be more clear. >> sean: when is the last time the senate passed a budget? >> three years, it could be done with a simple majority. not a single republican prevented the majority from following the law. the law doesn't say have you to pass a budget unless it's hard or unless you don't want to have any amendments.
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the will you says pass a budget. they thumbed their noses for three years. >> sean: what do you think of the class war fair that continued to be played and joe biden admitting their plan is to raise taxes by over $1 trillion? does that play well with america? paul ryan thought it's a good line if we confiscated 100% of the wealth that quote evil rich people that aren't paying their fair share, i think that was rebutted well this week. >> you can impose this tax above quote people making over too,000 a yeefr, -- year to pay for the government six day. >> that is right. six days. this is about the campaign not the economy. and paul made a point effectively. under their tax plan, high income people would pay the same percentage of the revenue coming into the government as they would before we lowered everybody's taxes. i mean the reason for lowering
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everybody's taxes is not rocket science, this produces economic growth. every country in the world is doing this. even europeans are lowering rates. >> sean: effective argument is when congressman ryan pointed out tax rates in canada that has been doing better than we have been doing. >> sean: senator good, to see you. >> thank you. >> i noticed you're giving away bourbon. i wonder if joe had some before the debate and coming up we're going to check in with governor sara palin. as well as more frank luntz as this post-debate edition and analysis of joe biden smiling continues. >> this is a man who gave 30% of his income to charity. more than the two of us combined. romney is a good man. he cares about 100% of the americans in this country. i think the vice president
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we'd rather from 50
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million few you're seniors decide how they're medicare will be delivered to them. >> i heard that death panel argument from sara palin. i hear this stuff about panels. >> sean: we're live in danville, kentucky. the first and only vice presidential debate concluded. joining me now is someone mentioned by the vice president tonight that is former vice president nominee, sara palin. >> thank you. >> let's get your thoughts. i don't think joe biden smalled as uncontrolably nor as condescending. i'm hearing this did not go over well tonight. your thoughts? >> well, i believe joe biden was sent in as the attack dog in this debate to compensate for president obama's atrocious showing in his own
11:23 pm
debate where he was aloof and disconnected and disengaged with what is very important to the american voter. that was the rep tensio tension -- representation of obama in his own debate. tough format, sean for someone like paul ryan or anyone else up against joe biden when the mod later -- moderator allows one candidate to run rough shot over the opponent. it's a tough format reminding me of watching a muscat run on the tundra with someone under foot because of the moderator allowing biden to do interrupting. >> and that is if martha gets married again probably paul ryan should go to her wedding.
11:24 pm
this is a conflict of interest. and interesting that every time she seemed to interrupt was well, to bail out joe biden and shut down paul ryan. i don't think it impacted the debate. some things might have gone unnoticed. joe biden talked about they're down on america. they bet against america. holding hostage was another term that he used. that this is a -- he's working for a president lecturing the country on civil ti. i wanted to get your take on terms tonight. meaning the vice president. >> you know that rhetoric did not go over well, i believe with hose who are rational american voters just wanting to deal with facts and true state of the union is. we know the state of the union is not very good right now because of the failed policies of obama and biden. i think what you're going to see tonight is with that rhetoric of joe biden what you're going to see as a result of that is the main
11:25 pm
stream media tomorrow morning will probably want to give a quote unquote win to joe biden based on style because joe biden came across as passionate having used rhetoric as mentioned. unfortunately joe biden is passionate about all of the wrong things he's passionate about growing government assuming government is the answer. where as paul ryan, more subsued -- subdued perhaps more pulled together. what paul ryan is trying to explain is that republican platform is built on the notion of empowering the individual, middle class, every day american who isn't looking for government to take more of what the fruits of our labor is then redistribute it according to a far away politician priorities. >> sean: but there are certain lines i thought were interesting. actually got audience reaction tonight. and you know, we've got to
11:26 pm
build our cars in finland? you know, have our windmills built in china? $90 billion wasted on so called green energy jobs? where are the five million jobs promised? unemployment rate in pennsylvania went up to 10%. and this is very interesting. the piggy bank obama care line. hand in cookie jar. then, of course laying ut facts america is not better on than it was four years ago. fewer americans working and that he's offering a very different vision and very serious, very method cal. -- methodical. what does the country want? >> you're suggesting the substance of the arguments made tonight. how important the substance was, not so much the style. think at this stage of the race people are not so obsessed with who is going to come across more intelligent
11:27 pm
or more passionate based on words, terminology use bud what is the substance? what is behind belief, policies? what i was hoping is that paul ryan would have the opportunity to bring up joe biden's energy record how he's been opposed to domestic drilling of our resources here on and within our own shores it was joe biden who 30 some years ago voted against the transalaska oil pipeline dumping 18s -- 18 billion barrels of good, clean energy into american markets. he opposed it then and opposes capping our own resources today. that is why you can see the cost of energy so sky high affecting every good, every service in america. >> sean: you will i can say sthai can't wait to get back to the studios and montage joe biden and facial expressions throughout the debate. i think that will be a big
11:28 pm
story. there is one poll had ryan ahead. every focus group i'm hearing from did not like the tone, and arrogance, interruption of the vice president. so we're going to watch closely. governor palin great to see you and thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. the truth told can't be all lies when can invent. when joe biden told truth about debt panels but told it out of context with an intention to skew what the true meaning and truth behind the policy issues sh, that is as bad as actually telling a lie so just keep that in mind when you talk about the verbage joe biden chose to use tonight. >> this is about 4,000 times in the health care bill they
11:29 pm
will decide. very interesting and we'll be debating that. governor good to see you. >> we're going to head back to the critical swing state of ohio. frank luntz standing by and i have questions for these voters then, right here in the spin room will be joined by rnc chair, and juan williams and i will go one on one, more as "hannity" continues live from kentucky. >> this was the anniversary of september 11th, libya. a country we knew we had al qaeda cells there. al qaeda and affiliates on the rise in northern africa we did not give our ambassador in be bengazy a marine detachment? of course there is an investigation to make sure this never happens again. when it comes to sticking up for our values we should not apologize for those. ♪
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welcome back to this live post debate edition of "hannity" tonight in the state of ohio we have frank luntz and a focus group of undecided voters standing by. they watched the debate we continue now with their reaction checking in with frank luntz. one of the things i want to ask the focus group is that sometimes they may not have all of the facts on the table. joe biden said about bengazy we weren't told they wanted more security we know they were asked repeatedly and denied the security that was requested in bengazy. that is inaccurate by the vice president. does that have an impact on how this focus group feels? >> i know that it does. because that line when he said we weren't told, you all, who dialed it down? more of you did? there you go.
11:35 pm
let's be honest here. why did you dial it down? >> i just felt like he seemed nervous. he'd been confident and seemed like he was on guard. >> seems to be blaiping someone else for their mistake. >> go ahead. >> american state. i was disappointed we were unable to. >> same within. -- reason. >> how many of you thought paul ryan did the best in the beginning of the debate, raise your hands. most of you. there is one clip of talking about defending american values. and both republicans and democrats swore that very high. >> we should not be apologizing for are standing up for our values. what we should not be doing is saying to the egyptian people well, mubarak is cracking down on them, he's a good guy, then next week say he ought to go. we should not be rejecting claims for calls for more security in our barracks and
11:36 pm
marines. we need marines in bengazy when the commander on the ground says we need more forces for security. the requests were not honored. >> that is one of the most powerful clips from paul ryan. why did that resonate with you? >> i agreed with what ryan is saying is that we have the right to stand up for american values and defend american values when he talked about bengazi i thought he was right on. >> i agree that paul ryan showed he cared for soldiers. and our troops and everybody. and value is something resonate with democrats and republicans and independents and everyone. >> sean? >> you know i want to ask because i thought this whole debate got sumd up in terms two of visions for the country. and paul ryan's closing remarks tonight when he talked
11:37 pm
about we can't have more spending and borrowing there is $6 trillion of new debt under barack obama. talking about 23 million unand under employed americans fewer americans working than four years ago. one in six mempb americans in poverty. 17 million more americans on food stamps. he talked about romney being qualified to fix this. he talked about less dependency and more jobs and talked about we won't duck tough issues. we won't blame people which president obama has been well known for blaming kiosks and atms and fox news. he said we won't replace our founding principles. we will reapply them. does this sum this up for the focus group? if it does, which vision do they support? >> you heard sean's question. a lot of material there. what was this debate about? did it help your point of
11:38 pm
view? >> about the economy. and foreign policy. and i didn't get any answers on either one. they contradicted each other. >> you didn't get answers? >> i didn't. know. >> and some ways tax issue they're so going back and forth. you zrnt a clear picture of what they meant. >> think you're asking for too much. did they sammarize anything for you? >> i actually have found that vice president position on foreign policy is stronger than paul ryan's. >> go ahead. >> i thought it is the mess we're in now. it did clarify. >> does it make you feel more confident? are you nervous the mess will continue? >> a little bit anxious about it. when ryan gave us the five-point plan which i've heard over the past few weeks, there is never a how to.
11:39 pm
they're going to increase job market by 12 million. how? i don't know. i don't understand. >> did you get a how, too? do you feel you learned something from what they said? >> a agree with the lady behind me. it show what's a state of confusion the country is in. i got more rhetoric. >> who came closest to you? >> to what? >> answering your question? >> i would say probably ryan. >> this debate was not as clear as last one. there isn't a clear victor in this. so these people are going to -- who is going to watch the next debate? that is what they're going to be focused on. they're going to have to wait until obama and romney go back at it. >> not every debate can someone win by 52% of the vote. that is the anomaly. this is clear that the vice president's tone, mannerisms being rude and condescending is not going to go over well with american people. almost uncontrolable.
11:40 pm
i have a funny feeling that is going to be the story of the debate. but frank luntz thank you to everybody there. we appreciate people's input and thoughtfulness. tell everybody thank you. the chairman of the republican national committee will join us. right here as continue in the spin room. and our own juan williams goes one on one with jason chafits with us. here in danville kentucky and we're glad you're with us. >> joe and i from similar towns. he's from scranton, pennsylvania. i'm from wisconsin. do you know what the unemployment rate in scranton is today? >> i sure do. >> 10%. >> when you came in it was 8.5%. >> that is not how it's going. it's going -- . >> two minute answers please. >>
11:41 pm
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tonight we're live from the site of the first and only vice presidential debate in the 2012 election season. joining me now in the spin room is chairman of the republican national committee. i want to play for you a story of the night. rude, mean. condescending. and interruptive. if i were a democrat i'd be pretty embarrassed that the vice president is so unvice presidential. >> that is the same word i was thinking about. for joe biden i think he embarrassed himself. i think his sparring partner must have been ed shults or something when it comes to manners. >> sean: i know you didn't have a chance but this went on. i tweeted at one point this isn't funny anymore. i'm worried about if joe is okay. and i was kidding around with senator mcconnell wonder fd he
11:46 pm
had bourbon if he went out there or something. this is, i've got to -- twitter was abuzz. what is wrong with him? >> i don't know. someone at the rnc counted how many times joe biden interrupted paul ryan. we counted 82 times he was interrupted. good news is that paul ryan took it to him on substance. they looked like the key stone cops on bengazi. stephanie cutter set the stage blaming that disaster on, who did she blame? she blamed mitt romney and paul ryan. >> sean: nuts. >> it was a bizarre performance. >> sean: yes. in bengazi they were wrong. this is now unfolding as a huge scandal. >> absolutely. >> sean: they said this assistance wasn't requested. this is the anniversary of september 11th this, is a hot bed for where terrorists are
11:47 pm
being trained. and you would think on the anniversary of september 11th, then, they went out there weeks later blaming a video. now yes, it's a video. no. it's a video. yes, it's spontaneous, no. it's not spontaneous, biden contradicted the state department. >> you've got the white house pointing at the state department like joe biden did. he pointed to the state department and said we didn't know anything about this. they want it more security. state department pointing back to the white house. and you know what? i was sitting in the auditorium. i didn't get to see the split screen as much as you all did. i bet if you roll the tape during the discussion of bengazi -- . >> sean: don't miss my show tomorrow night. it's going to be about joe biden. if it takes seven minutes of him acting nuts we're going to roll it seven minute. >> he will be caught laughing and smiling to show you he
11:48 pm
couldn't turn it off. he didn't know when to turn it on. >> sean: bret baier pointed that out. he was doing this during serious discussion on iran. and when he said about iran calm down, the ire yawnin that's believe in islamic state have been fighting proxy terror wars we're supposed to calm down as they get closer to a nuclear weapon? >> i think what paul ryan did not only did he win the battle on taxes and laid that vision out for america, but he also showed this country how deep he is on foreign policy. i think he showed incredible depth and intelligence whit comes to where our place in the world is in the east. -- middle east. the fact is that what they have a problem with is that they've got a problem with facts and reality. they can't talk about plans for future and blame everyone else from where we are in this country. now, they can't talk about foreign policy they've got a
11:49 pm
mess brewing and it's getting worse, every day. >> sean: i believe that this performance by the vice president now is people goring to see the vice president, his facial expressions and rudeness. i mean, now, condescending. this is going to be a big story. is this the type of debate like with al gore, sighing and that this becomes a classic? because chris wallace was interesting tonight and he said he's lost every presidential debate on television. there has never been a moment like we saw tonight. >> he said one of the most disrespectful moments in presidential and vice presidential history. there are things looking back in time that judge how a particular candidate has done in a debate. they're all different. how you look, how you act this, is going to go down george herbert walker bush just looking at his watch became a big deal.
11:50 pm
>> i don't know if joe biden wasn't told there is a split screen and people can see you. >> sean: i don't want to be rude to the vice president but his behavior was so bizarre it was frightening. i don't think he's a mean or nasty guy. but for whatever reason, i don't know. >> he was a grand champion of being the rudest guy in the auditorium. >> sean: i agree. >> i don't get it. >> sean: maybe it appeals to hard core left wing base but it didn't appeal to the middle of the country. >> it will be a mystery to figure out what is up with joe biden oos thank you. >> god bless you coming up, congressman jason chavitz will be with us as this special post-debate edition of "hannity" continues. >> this is a bunch of stuff. it means inadequate. >> it's irish. >> yes. >> it is. we irish call it malarky.
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what were you first told about the attacks? people in the consulate first saw armed men attacking there were no
11:55 pm
protestor. >> that is what we were told by the intelligence community. the intelligence community told us that. as they learned about what happened they changed their assessment. that is why there is also an investigation headed by tom pickering a leading diplomat from reagan years who is doing an investigation into whether or not there are lapses what the lapses were so that they will never happen again. >> they wanted more security there. >> well, we weren't told they wanted more security. >> sean: and our live coverage of the vice presidential debate continues tonight from danville, kentucky joining me now from the spin room for what is sure to be a spirited debate is juan williams along with romney surrogate utah congressman jason chavitz. i'm listening to biden this, is interesting because our intelligence community is wrong but telling us on the other hand to calm down about iran. those were his words, calm
11:56 pm
down. i'm thinking well, wait a minute. on top of it, he's lying. the intelligence community knew within 24 hours this is a terrorist attack. we know that they were questioned, assistance and security it and was denied. multiple times with the vice president said on this tonight juan is just false and inaccurate. >> i think that is way over the top. >> sean: it's accurate. >> call it a lie? >> a lie. >> sean: you're calling the vice president a lier the director of national intelligence a liar. he said we gave an assessment. >> sean: they knew otherwise. >> no. >> sean: they repeated it you're confusing there is an individual said do you know what? i think this guy. >> sean: multiple individuals. >> right. but that is not the assessment as the official assessment from the intelligence community. >> yesterday at the hearing charleen lamb testified she can witness this in realtime. realtime, they didn't have to
11:57 pm
wait until later and ambassador kennedy came to capitol hill within 36 hours and told members of congress, the staff that he thought he was a terrorist attack. >> that is yesterday. >> that is what he said. he said it was not at the time we're there, we did not think it was a terrorist attack. >> this gets -- this is witnessed in realtime there was no protest. i spent the day saturday. there isn't a person who menged this video. >> i know this is important. you heard four hours of the testimony. so two tweaks -- weeks later the president is blaming a movie trailer he knows that is false, right? when joe biden said what he said tonight is inaccurate? >> the intelligence community knew it was a terrorist attack and had nothing to do with the video. there is no protest. >> and you're saying the corruption in the intelligence community is that they'd issue
11:58 pm
an assessment? >> no. i don't, i think it's shocking to me just 30 days after the death of four americans, 30 days afterwards he looks people in the eye and said there was never a request for more security. absolutely there was a request. >> he didn't know about the request. [ talking over one another ]. >> sean: it's been publicized. >> no. no. >> sean: at the time he didn't know. how could he not know? he was in charge, juan. >> what are you talking about? >> sean: you're saying the vice president is not in charge on the anniversary of september 11th when they train terrorists in a known hot bed? >> do you know what strikes me? you guys aren't talking about the debate. that representative ryan did very well. >> sean: here is what i want to say about the debate. i watch a rude condescending interruptive, mean-spirited vice president tonight this
11:59 pm
not going play well, i'll tell you now two, polls show ryan won this debate. i think that to be laughing when 23 million americans are out of work, and 49 million americans are on food stamps and one in six americans are in poverty, and iran is a real threat to world security. i don't think it's funny, juan. >> when he sue someone distorting facts and going off, talking about governor ryan, then, he's saying do you know what? this is absurd what. did he call it? malarky? >> sean: why are you buying into this bengazy cover up? >> you're buying into it because you think -- . >> sean: laughing throughout the debate? uncontrollably which is bizarre. we have serious problems on the international stainl and nationally. >> my 11-year-old daughter did that at the diber table i'd say come here honey, that is not the way you act.


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